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Sedum Green Living Roof in County Louth Ireland


Eco Friendly Living Roofs

Green Roofs are also known as a living roof, they consist of a roofing system covered with a layer of living plants over a waterproofing membrane. There are two main types of green roofs, extensive and intensive. 

Extensive Green Roofs are a popular choice for homeowners as they are designed to be low maintenance and a lightweight system. They are suitable for existing and new build roofs including garages, sheds, porches.  Extensive Green Living Roofs are covered in plants like Succulents (Sedum), small flowers, grass and moss.  Sedum green roofs are the most common type that Blackstone Flat Roofing Specialists install due to the hardiness and low maintenance requirements of the plant. 

Intensive Green Roofs are gardens on roofs (Roof Gardens) containing larger unlimited plants and design including trees, shrubs, bulbs and urban agricullture which requires irrigation, fertilisation and maintenance.  They are more common in larger commercial projects including parks and gardens where recreational use is expected.

Besides being aesthetically pleasing, both types of green roof offer many benefits for the environment, but also for the property owner and the local communities.


Aids biodiversity encouraging a wider spread of species in the area and provides a natural habitat for plants, birds and beneficial insects such as bees and butterflies.

Improved Storm Water Management. Soft landscaping helps to reduce the risk of flooding by retaining large proportions of annual rainfall and reducing rainwater run-off.

Environmental masking blends the building into its surroundings.

Improved air quality as vegetation assists in reducing both gaseous pollutants and dust particles

Reduces urban heat island effect (the difference in temperature between urban areas and the surrounding countryside) through absorption of some of this heat and the natural evaporation of water from plants and soil

Reduces building’s carbon footprint through lowering building running costs. Green Roofs have an insulating effect, which means less energy is required to heat or cool a building. In the summer, green roofs regulate heat, keeping the interior of the building cooler. In cold weather, they ensure that the building loses less heat. 

Increased life expectancy of waterproofing membranes when protected by green roof landscaping which provides extra protection from weather conditions such as hail, wind, UV rays etc

Noise reduction for the building – green roofs have excellent acoustic qualities for both external sound and internal noise which contributes towards overall reduction of noise pollution from the urban environment.

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